co-founders of kwg: Lenny and Jacinta

Indigenous Owned

We are majority Indigenous owned and our vision is to build a business that promotes our people to engage in traditional style activities and help preserve cultural food knowledge whilst gaining an economic benefit and sharing our traditional superfood through our product to the mainstream. Our new venture is the culmination of hard work, bush knowledge and our ability to connect with both traditional roots and the mainstream.

Our relationship with our Indigenous Harvesters is of vital importance and KWG pays a fair rate for fruit because we understand and honour the “on the ground” hard bush work that the harvesters do to supply the best fruit in the world. The harvest time is in the season of Mankal (wet and stormy, Dec-Feb) and harvesters are working in extreme weather conditions in remote bush locations on the Dampier Peninsula WA. Through the purchase of fruit this helps our wider community to have a meaningful economic future with an independent income stream and means our fruit is fairly and equitably traded.

Choosing Us

When you choose to purchase KWG products you are really making a conscious decision to choose a nutritional, environmental and socially responsible product and we are also the only producer to independently scientifically test our product annually.

Scientific studies have proven the super food status of the Gubinge fruit, from the richest source of Vitamin C on the planet to having some of the most powerful antioxidants in high quantities such as Ellagic and Gallic acid in a form ready to be up taken by the body.

KWG prides itself on having one of the lowest carbon footprints of any Gubinge (Kakadu Plum) product on the market. Because KWG is situated in the heartlands of the wild Gubinge orchards we forego the need to send our fruit by cold transport for thousands of kilometers for processing. Our business is also 95 % powered by Solar Power. Our culturally based land care techniques ensure the health and protection of the wild trees.

Choosing to support KWG means that you are helping to empower Indigenous communities of the Dampier Peninsula and create a real economy for Indigenous Australians based on cultural food knowledge and practices. Our harvesters are fairly and equitably paid for their important and hard work in harvesting Australia’s own native super food. Our business is majority Aboriginal owned meaning the profits flow back into our community and region.

Traditional Land Care

Through the use of traditional land care practices and new technology we aim to sustainably harvest Gubinge from our traditional lands and protect and sustain the wild native orchards through ways such as traditional fire practices, cool season burns, weed management and new ways such as our KWG Savannah Enrichment and Landcare Program. KWG is growing over 1000 Gubinge seedlings using seed only from our area. These young trees are being planted into wild bushland to enrich existing land that has been damaged by late season hot fires over many years on the Dampier Peninsula. These trees will fend for themselves once planted and will grow wild. This is a fairly new concept with the aim of helping to make our industry sustainable as well as continue the biodiversity of our region.

Because of our Traditional knowledge we understand the environment and have concern for the global environment. By purchasing KWG products you can be assured that our product has the lowest carbon footprint of any on the market. You see, we are processing our fruit on the country close to where it grows and unlike other companies we cut out the need to transport frozen fruit by cold truck up to thousands of kilometres to process, far away from the spirit of the fruit, and often with the value added by non-Indigenous companies. We also utilise solar power in over 95% of our operations meaning our products have the lowest carbon footprint with the KWG aim to become carbon neutral.